I’m a full stack developer, always looking to learn more.

I started off at the age of 12 just slightly inquisitive about how a website I used to visit a lot was made, eventually I did a little searching and made my way onto HTML, CSS and JS. After creating some basic pages I needed to make them do a little more, so I discovered PHP and MySQL. I started my journey as a frontend and backend developer, only later in my career would I discover this was fairly unique.

In college I took a computing course in London, it was as close as I could get to web development back then, I followed the most relevant educational path I could to lead to becoming a web developer. All throughout college I spent my spare time making websites, at this stage still using the basic LAMP stack, although not really touching the OS or server.

My skills widened and I picked up Flash and AS2, it was a lot of fun but ultimately not very useful in the long-term. I had met some great people online – web developers, we shared knowledge, projects and snippets a lot. It was during college that I also began to focus more heavily on design and working with Photoshop (version 7 was the first I ever used), I did this because I wanted a more precise control of what I was building which included the visuals, this early design influence eventually made me quite good at design generally but also UX/UI in years to come.

At university I did a website development course, however it became immediately apparent that the course was teaching at a level below what I had gotten used to. It was a strange realisation that my expectations did not match what I was getting, after 2 years I left for a job as a website developer and started my career.

After beginning work I was introduced to technology such as Jenkins, Git, OO PHP and Jira. The newest concept for me however was marketing and working to budgets, 2 things that ultimately I became very good at. I developed a common sense approach to make my development work within a business setup. Having that very early exposure to real world constraints really helped shape me into what I am today.

An important note is that I always liked owning the whole process – to be able to make every part of a website, this mean that when I started working I also took to marketing: SEO, PPC and pitching to clients are all supporting skills that I learned and became quite good at.

Additionally once I started working I began wanting to own more of the development process and took to using Linux and Apache, eventually I got myself onto Mac and started delving deeper into the terminal and gaining a whole new focus on automation. These days I mostly work with droplets on Digital Ocean via SSH.

These days I’m really focusing on learning. I’ve already achieved quite a high level as a full stack developer and I now want to expand beyond that.